Top 5 Reasons To Watch Salman Khan’s Movie Bharat In Theaters


Top 5 Reasons to watch Bharat

When it comes to Salman Khan, Eid is the time he releases his movie. In fact, in 2019 Bharat has created a lot of hype around the industry and is surely going to be a big movie. Bharat is based on a South Korean drama and shows the journey of a common man in the post-independence era and his life from a very early age. Even if you are not a Salman Khan fan we have other reasons to watch the movie in a theater. and here read Top 5 Reasons to watch Salman Khan’s Bharat.

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For Salman Khan’s Swag:

The very first reason to go and watch Bharat in a theater is Salman Khan as the name itself is enough to know hat the movie will cross 100 cr at the box office. The living legend is working in the industry for the last 30 years. the movie Bharat shows a journey from the age 18 to 60 of Salman Khan.

The Amazing Story

Bharat has an amazing storyline and as told earlier is based on a South Korean drama Ode To My Father which is a journey of a man. In the movie Bharat, the story shows the pre-independence era where a young guy has to travel leaving his father behind in Pakistan. The journey starts and Bharat has to travel with his family and protect them also. The movie shows the life period of 60 years.

Best Action

Bharat has the best action of all the movies for Salman Khan. as seen in the trailer the guy joins the Indian navy and fight for them and in this movie we see action from the word go as we see it from the teens till the age of 60.

For Disha Patani’s Charm

This is the first time Disha Patani is working with the megastar Salman Khan and the chemistry between the two will be worth a watch.

Sunil Grover’s Comedy

Lastly, the actor-comedian who plays an important role in the movie will surely tickle your funny bone with his humorous dialogues.

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